Microsoft has launched multiple apps for home and offices. Since it is difficult to choose from so many applications and not all users need all these equally, and so the company has grouped all of them in the collections known as suites. There is a suite of applications for everyone, whether students, home, small business users, or large corporations. There is a suite, even for schools, universities, and colleges. The price of these is based on what applications are involved in it. Each of these applications has been explained with its price and accessibility at  

How to Quickly Download MS Office on Windows or Mac

Download MS Office on Windows or Mac hastily by pursuing the cited steps:

Start any web browser after launching the PC.
Then, go to
In case you are not already logged in there, you can click the 'Sign In' option.
Sign in with any kind of account be it work, Microsoft, or school.
In case a Microsoft account is chosen:
Access the MS Office home page.
Choose 'Install Office'.
Again choose 'Install' to start.
In case a school or work account is chosen:
Access the home page of Microsoft Office.
Begin the installation by clicking on 'Microsoft Office'.
You have now downloaded the Microsoft office setup on your PC. 

How to Quickly Install MS Office on Windows PC

Install MS Office on Windows or Mac using these steps:

Find out which internet browser you use, and carry the following steps:
Internet Explorer or Edge: Choose 'Run'.
Chrome browser: Choose 'Setup'.
Firefox: Choose 'Save File'.
The installation will begin after this.
The time it takes will completely depend on the system specs.
When the completion tab appears, it would mean that the installation is done.
Finalize the process by closing the window.
The Office is ready for use.

How to Activate MS Office on Windows

The following steps will help you to instantly activate MS Office on Windows:

Hover to the 'Start' button to find the Office applications
Search an Office application such as Outlook.
Find its icon from the results and click on it.
The license agreement will come up on the screen.
Read and accept it.
Now you have the Office activated on your system.

How to Install MS Office on a Mac

Use these steps to install MS Office on Mac easily:

Go to the Downloads folder of your system.
Look for the file called Microsoft Office installer.pkg. (The name may differ).
This is the file that you downloaded from
Open it and the installation screen to appear.
Then, press 'Continue'. Read the license agreement that will come up on the screen now. Press 'Continue'.
In the end, hit 'Agree'. Select a way of installing MS Office and then, tap 'Continue'.
Check all the required specifications for installing and continue with it.
Press 'Install'. Provide the user password when asked for.
Tap the 'Install Software' to begin. Close the window to finish.

How to Activate MS Office on Mac

Instantly activate MS Office on Mac by via these instructions:

Start the 'Launchpad' after opening the 'Dock'.
Go for Microsoft app say, Outlook, and press on it.
A 'What's New' window may appear after that.
Tap on 'Getting Started' to activate.
To access your Office setup key, login to your account at

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